Top 5 Unsolved MYSTERIES

2020-05-15 08:12:18 Written by Google

Top 5 unsolved mysteries

 There are many events in the world for which it is impossible to know the reasons or to find proof of their existence. The beginning of the universe and the existence of this world is a great mystery in itself. Today we will talk about some of the world's Puzzles that can never be solved.


 1. A hanging corpse


 The Cooper family bought a house in Texas in 1950. During the first night of celebrations at the house, the head of the family took a picture. In this picture, two children were sitting on the lap of their mother and grandmother. The scary thing was that there was a body hanging in the picture.

 This picture became so popular that people decided to find out the truth, but the mystery of this picture was never solved. Some people called this picture fake and did not believe the Cooper family. Anyway, in 1950, technology never made such progress. The photo could not be edited.


 2. Twin Town


 There is a village in Kerala, India called the Town of Twins. According to a study, forty-five twins are born in ten thousand families in the world, but this village has proved this research wrong. Has a population of 220 twins out of 2000.

 What is so special about this village?

 Why are so many twins born here?

 These questions were never answered.


 3. Life after death


 In 1865, a group of scientists experimented with artificial death. They gathered people of different religions and made them so severely unconscious that ninety percent of their bodies stopped working. When they were brought to consciousness, every man Gave different opinions.

 Someone mentioned talking to God

 Someone mentioned the light, someone felt himself at the bottom of the sea.

 All these things were not believable at all. Therefore, what will be the life after death. No one knows.


 4. Stone Mystery


 In 1812, a team of laborers was digging in the Central Park of England when they found a strangely shaped stone. There were a few mathematical shapes with human form on this stone. It is not used for religious worship. There was no stone nor did it have any scientific function. Interestingly, there were only two known figures in mathematical forms. No one knows what was left. This stone was so strong that even after many years it was broken. Did not hunt

 The Stone Mystery was never solved.


 5. Signs of aliens


 Does life exist on planets other than Earth? This debate has been going on since man began to study science and consider his own existence, and this question has remained unresolved ever since.

 Aliens' signs are talked about all over the world. News and pictures of flying saucers landing are also shared but their reality has never been proved. Some time ago, such effigies were found during excavations in Chhattisgarh, India. There are those who are called the puppets of aliens.

 This mystery will always remain and may never be solved