Top 6 Unsolved Medical Mysteries

2020-05-18 21:12:51 Written by Google

6 Unsolved Medical Mysteries


 Although medical science, like other sciences and technologies, has made great strides, there are still countless diseases in the world that are incurable and their patients are strange cases of their own kind. Coronavirus is currently spreading around the world. Which cannot be cured.

 For those who are interested in research and science, unresolved mysteries are always attractive for them. Today we bring you six medical cases from around the world that would be correct to call unresolved medical mysteries.


 1. A strange patient entered a province of China. She told the doctor that she could not walk until she was four years old. She could not speak until she was six years old and now she could not balance her body while standing.

 When the doctors examined him, they found out that she did not have a cerebellum in his brain called the brain skull. This case was never solved.


 2. Everyone may like listening to music, but if you listen to the same music 24 hours a day, how difficult will it be?

 Susan Root, who lives in Essex, England, listens to music all the time and can't hear anything but music. She has been suffering from this disease for the last five years. Doctors have not been able to find a cure for it yet.


 3. Headache or fever is a common disease but there is a family in the world who has fever or headache all the time. Every attempt to treat them has failed. Doctors said after research that fever Has been included in the genes. This is a strange case of its kind.


 4. Feeling hungry or thirsty is part of our nature, but there is a boy in the world who is neither hungry nor thirsty. Never feel the need.

Landon Jones parents force him to eat meal or Drink water.

Another Strange case.


 5. There is a woman in the world whose pulse stopped for forty minutes. When she was brought to the recovery room, the doctors tried to restore her pulse by stopping her bleeding. Surprisingly, The blood circulation in her brain was fine. Despite stopping her pulse for forty minutes, she returned to life. This is also a miracle.


 6. At the same time, more than two hundred girls entered a Colombian city whom complained of abdominal pain and vomiting at the same time. Interestingly, they did not eat anything at the same time. So done, but it's amazing that so many people get sick at once.