8 Facts about Real Turgut Alp

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8 Facts about Real Turgut Alp


 One of the most famous characters in the Ertugrul Ghazi drama is Turgut who attacks enemies with an ax. Today we will talk about who Turgut was in fact.


 1. Turgat was a warrior belonging to the Kayi tribe whose father was martyred by the Mongols.


 2. Turgut is the only warrior in the world who fought with an ax instead of a sword.


 3. Turgut was the first Chief of Army Staff of the Ottoman Empire.


 4. Turgut took over as Army Staff at the age of 99.


 5. Turgat supported three generations of Suleman the Magnificent, including Ertugrul, Usman and Usman's son.


 6. A town called Turgat was settled in 1877.


 7. The seven axes of Turgut are kept in the military museum of Turkey


 8. Turgat was martyred on the battlefield at the age of 125.