When and How was The internet Invented?

2020-05-22 15:09:20 Written by Google

When and how was the Internet invented?



 Have you ever used the internet to think about how all this is possible?

 How do we get information about the world with one click?

 The Internet is the latest reality in this world

 We talk to our loved ones, send text messages, make video calls, send pictures, read and watch news, download lots of books, songs, movies, listen to the radio and play online games. When booking, it is available at Finger Tips. The only good source is the internet. Now where did it come from, who made it? This is an interesting question. In fact, it is the result of the hard work and efforts of many intelligent people.

 The history of the Internet is not very old. Only 55 years ago, in 1962, there was a scientist named JCR Like who founded a network called the Intergalactic. In fact, he belonged to an agency called DERPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project, whose primary goal was to make it possible for people around the world to access all kinds of information using computers.





 Just with this dream, JCR Like entered the field and became the head of De Arpa. His two sons, Vent Cruff and Bob Khein, renamed the intergalactic network the Internet in 1974 and introduced the TCP transmission control protocol system, furthering JCR Like's mission.

 Then in 1976, Dr. Robert Cliff invented a wire called Ethernet Coaxial Cable, which could be used to transfer data from one computer to another. Such as file text etc. But it could work in a limited space. Only inside the office, school or any building. Then, in 1983, Vent Cruff and Bob Khein renamed De Arpa to Arpa Net, with the condition that anyone who needed the Internet would have to get a TCP.

 That was just the beginning. Further development took place in 1984 when Dr. John Postal founded the Web. In this way different organizations could be searched in different ways like today we search by typing .com, .org, .edu, .gov but the journey of internet was just beginning. Once again in 1989, JCR Like's two sons, Vent Cruff and Bob Khin, took the lead and founded a company called ISP. That is, the Internet service provider.

 It had 2 benefits. One was his father's dream come true, the other was years of hard work turning into a business because the internet connection could now go from house to house. Just like a telephone wire and with it comes a receiver which we know as a modem. This would easily connect any user's computer to the internet connection and the company would charge the bill. This is called a dial-up system.

 In 1991, Tim Burnells created the www, the World Wide Web. With this addition, many jobs could now be online. The result of this success was significant progress in paving the way for many amazing revolutions. First of all, PizzaHut made it very easy to book pizza by adopting an online service, but there were still many shortcomings.

 1996 was the year when the first email service, Hotmail, was launched. Emails could be sent anywhere via the Internet. In 1998, our popular search engine Google was launched. The credit for this goes to Larry Peach and Sergey Brain.

 In 1999, fed up with the wires of the Internet, a young man began to think a little differently. The idea was that just as sound could be transmitted from one place to another without a wire, why there was no data in the radio, in the same struggle Wi-Fi was born, that is, wireless fidelity, which also made a difference to the modem. It was an important milestone that works for us today. The perpetrator is named Napster.

 The Wikipedia website was created in 2001. It could be used to solve any issue of education. Now a new era has begun.

 With the advent of 2003, entertainment began to appear on the Internet. Meanwhile, Apple uploaded 200,000 songs to a site called iTunes.

 2004 was the time Gmail was launched and data storage capacity was increased to 1 GB, whereas before that Yahoo, Hotmail used to offer only 2.4 MB.

 Now it's time for video on the internet, this problem was solved with the advent of YouTube in 2005. This donation was also made by Google. It had the added benefit of being launched as both videos could be downloaded and uploaded.

 An even more interesting thing happened in 2006 when Facebook and Twitter emerged. They are made by Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Darcy. The benefits of these sites need no introduction.