14 Shocking Facts about Death

2020-05-24 13:36:28 Written by Google

Strange things about death


 Death is a fact that cannot be denied but have you ever read about Facts of Death?

Here are 14 Shocking Facts about Death.


 1. According to experts, the total number of deaths so far in the entire human history is about 100 trillion.


 2. New York is a city that has more people embracing death by suicide than murder.


 3. When a person dies, his ability to hear finally stops working.


 4. According to scientists, even though your body is alive, 35 million cells in your body die every minute.


 5. Man is born with 270 bones but most human beings die with only 206 bones.


 6. You may be surprised to know that there is a service in the UK called "rent a mourner" under which a person can hire fake crying friends to attend their last rites.


 7. Vending machines are the cause of death of 13 people every year - vending machines from which food items are purchased.


 8. There is a tribe in India that celebrates the birth of a human being and rejoices over the death.


 9. Every hour in the United States, a person loses his life just because of a drunk driver.


 10. Every 40 seconds anywhere in the world, one person commits suicide.


 11. Every year, 600 Americans die from just falling out of bed.


 12. Every year about 500,000 people die due to medical malpractice alone - that is, due to the use of wrong medicines.


 13. 1 out of every 8 deaths is caused by air pollution.


 14. About 2,000 children die every day due to poverty.