The Strangest Person of History

2020-06-01 10:18:12 Written by Google

If you are interested in martial arts, you must have heard the name of Bruce Lee, who was an expert in martial arts as well as a good actor and a great dancer.

 Weighing 63kg, 5ft 7in tall, Punch's strength equal to heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, he punched and broke the board from a distance of one inch, he was a magician of his art. Bruce Lee was Michael Jackson of martial arts, he played the lead role in only four films but since then every action hero of every film industry in the world came on the set with the desire to be like him, today's great action heros used to play the role of extras in his films. He lived only 32 years and died in his youth, fulfilling all his dreams. After all, what did this five-and-a-half-foot man do in his few years of career? Given that there is hardly anyone in the world who does not know Bruce Lee, today we will tell you the story of the Hong Kong magician Martial Arts Lee.

 Bruce lee inherited the dream of becoming a great artist because her father wanted to be a big Hollywood star in San Francisco, but despite million attempts, he could not surpass the average stage actor and only three years after Bruce lee was born. He left San Francisco's Chinatown and returned to Hong Kong, where he acted in more than 30 films. Brucely was often on the set with him. To fulfill his father's dream, Bruce Lee wrote on a piece of paper that he would one day become the biggest star in Hollywood and that he would be paid more than any other actor. But his father was not satisfied with his efforts because Hong Kong at that time was not as developed as it is today.

 Bruce Lee's strength can also be gauged from the fact that he did push-ups on one finger and thumb, post-World War II poverty was rampant in Hong Kong and crime was on the rise. As a result, Bruce Lee's father decided to train him in martial arts.

 Brucely's teacher, Upman, worked hard to teach his student all the tricks, after which Brucely's fights in the streets and neighborhoods escalated until the police issued a final warning to Bruce lee's father ,sent it to friend where Bruce lee studied during the day and worked in a hotel the rest of the time. All of college friends were more impressed with Brucely's martial arts than with her studies. 

 At the academy, Bruce Lee met a girl named Linda and they fell in love. Their families didn't want them to get married, so Bruce Lee and Linda secretly got married. The news spread like wildfire, and after some anger, the couple's families accepted the marriage.

 However, the Chinese were very angry with Bruce Lee. They did not want the art of martial arts to fall into the hands of whites. They even forbade Bruce Lee, but he did not listen. Bruce Lee was then challenged to compete with one of China's greatest martial arts fighters. If he won, he would do whatever he wanted, but if he lost, he would end all teaching and learning. Bruce Lee accepted the challenge and Heaped the opponent in just 3 minutes.

 Bruce lee then showed off his talents at the prestigious Long Beach Karate Tournament in the United States in 1964, much to the amazement of the public, especially with his one-inch punch and finger push-ups. Press down

 Bruce lee smashed the board with a punch just an inch away, knocking an opponent several times away from the punch. Bruce lee was cast in a Hollywood series because of this ability, which flopped badly. But Bruce Lee did not give up, he was so obsessed that he refused to admit his defeat during the fight in the film, which led to a change in the script of the film. By no means did the American people want to see an Asian hero in their films. Disappointed, Bruce Lee decided to return to China, where success awaited him. Bruce Lee's first film on capitalism took him to the heights of fame. It was difficult to get out with my family.

 Bruce Lee's second film, Festo Fury, broke all records of popularity, and then his dream came true when Hollywood offered to cast him in a film that would be a joint venture between China and Hollywood. The production of the film was named Enter The Dragon. After the shooting of the film was completed, Brucely fell victim to a fatal mental illness for which he went to the United States for treatment. Doctors initially declared him fit, but a few months after his return to China, he suffered another headache. One day he had another headache and he took medicine and went to sleep. But then he never got up. Her sudden death left her fans in shock.

 Bruce Lee's film Enter the Dragon was released just a month after his death, which not only gained immense popularity but also changed the history of Hollywood, after which Asian heroes began to be cast in Hollywood.