Mysterious Girl Of This Century

2020-06-03 10:56:37 Written by Kainat Zahra

Amazing X-ray Eyed Girl 


 Natasha Demkina, a 18-year-old girl from Moscow, claims to have X-ray vision in her eyes. She says that she can look at a person's internal organs and identify diseases. She can see through the bones inside people, so she is called XRay Girl in Russia.

 Yes! Natasha can count the bones of the body with open eyes and tell about the breakage. The work we do with an X-ray machine can be done with open eyes.


 Natasha's abilities were tested at the CSICOP, a US think tank. Doctors under the supervision of Ray Hayman, a professor of psychology at the University of Oregon, first told Natasha about six different diseases and the deformed internal body and bone structure during those illnesses, then seven people were brought before Natasha. Six of them were sick and one had no disease. Natasha looked at each person in amazement and recognized the defect in Patient body.

 Natasha's goodness has been tested by many scientists in the United States, Britain and Japan. No one knew the reason for Natasha's power, so far everything Natasha has said has come true. However, it takes her a while to understand what she sees, but she recognizes the perfect disease. Sometimes she even recognizes a disease at a very early stage that doctors do not recognize.

She recently identified a patient's prosthetic knee in front of a Japanese doctor. Recognize a patient's spinal cord injury. Recognizing prostheses in another patient's body. Recognize a woman's early pregnancy. Recognizing the device inside a dog's foot, but the doctors were surprised when he said that he could recognize the disease just by looking at the pictures. When the doctors placed pictures of a patient in front of him, Natasha said that The patient has liver cancer which he really had.

 Natasha's fee is 50 50 per patient so she can make a lot of money

 Natasha says she doesn't have XRay Vision since childhood. According to her, for 10 years she was just an ordinary girl. One day, while looking at her mother, all the organs inside her body became visible. She calls her XRay Vision Medical Vision and her medical vision has been growing over time.