The mystery of Antikythera Mechanism

2020-06-04 22:15:35 Written by Kainat Zahra

Mysterious Device

The Antikythera System is a historical handheld Greek analog computer, described decades ago as the first example of such a device used for astronomical purposes. It can also be used to tune four Year Cycle. The cycle of athletic games that became like the Olympiad.


This archeology was unearthed from the sea in 1901, and found as an instrument by archaeologist Valerios Stice in 1902, on the Greek island .

 Antikythera was mystery because of many reasons. The device is believed to have been invented and manufactured by Greek scientists, and it dates back to 87 BC or between one hundred and fifty and hundreds of years. Built in a generation before 205 or so when ships were built.

Antikythera mechanism coincides with the length of the mantle clock, and the pieces of wood found on the pieces recommend keeping it in the wood case. Like the clock, the case has a large rounded face with rotating palms. To rotate the mechanism forward or backward, the element has a knob or handle. When the knob switched, the trains of the interlocking gearwheel moved at different speeds, . In place of hours and minutes, the palms display astronomical time: one arm for the sun, one for the moon, and each of the five visible planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The rotating black and silver ball confirms the phase of the moon. The statute defines which stars are born and which are set on a certain date. There are also dial structures at the end of the case, each with a pin that follows the individual spiral groove, such as the report player's needle. Such a dialogue becomes a calendar. Another confirms the time of lunar and solar eclipses.

The mystery

Researchers are nonetheless now not positive who, precisely, used it. Did scientists construct it to useful resource their calculations? Or changed into it a kind of a coaching device, to expose college students the maths that held the cosmos together? Was it precise? Or are there more similar devices but to be discovered?


The mystery of This Device is still Unsolved. How the ancient Greeks executed this feat is unknown to this day.


Something it become used for and but it became built, we know this: Its discovery changed our knowledge of human history, and reminds us that flashes of genius are possible in each human age.