Top 5 Serial Killers That were Never Caught

2020-06-07 13:49:29 Written by Kainat Zahra

Here is list of some pyscho killers that were never caught. The mystery of Their crime remain unsolve.

1. West Mesa Murders

The west mesa murders are the murders of 11 women and fetuses found buried in the desert in West Mesa, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, in 2009. Several suspects have been named, but no one has been arrested or charged. , And a serial killer in charge.

On February 2, 2009, a woman running a dog found a human bone in West Mesa and reported it to police. As a result of further police investigations, authorities found the remains of 11 women and girls and a fetus buried in the area. They were between the ages of 15 and 32, mostly Hispanic and most involved in drug and prostitution.

Police suspect the bodies were buried by the same person or persons, and it may have been the work of a serial killer, who has since been called the West Meesa Bone Collector.

The names of the official suspects in connection with the killings are yet to be recorded. In 2010, up to $ 100,000 was awarded for the arrest and notice of a convicted or convicted person, but the mystery remains.


2. The Atlanta Ripper


As Atlanta began to rebuild after the Civil War, a new terror was created that wandered the streets of the ashes from ashes. Beginning in 1911, his methods mimicked the famous Jack the Ripper, who murdered at least twenty black women, from prostitutes to working women and mothers. Every murder received by the assassin took place on a Saturday night and for a terrible spring in 1911, a fresh body came out every Sunday morning. After a rigorous investigation until 1915, the killings continued. Six people have been arrested for these crimes, but investigators have not identified the killer or murderer, though several suspects have been detained.


3. Hammersmith Naked Murders

A series of six murders in 1964 and 1965 in London, England. The victims, all prostitutes in or around the River Thames, were nicknamed Press Killer Jack. Reference to "Jack the Ripper". The two murders of 1959 and 1963 were also linked to the same criminal by some investigators.


The case remains unresolved despite "intense media interest and one of the biggest feats in Scotland Yard history". It is believed that all of the forensic evidence gathered over time has been destroyed or lost.


4. The Zodiac Killer

Zodiac was transferred to the entire country due to the brutality of his crimes and the way he played with the authorities and the media in the 1960s and 1970s. He sent many letters and cryptograms to magazines, encouraging people to solve and capture their puzzles. Of the encrypted messages, only one is decrypted by the history professor and his wife. By postponing, the zodiac is known to kill its lifetime slaves to collect.


Rashi assassin was responsible for 37 murders. However, researchers only agree on seven confirmed attacks: one cab driver and three different male-female couples. In seven attacks, two people survived, taking the zodiac's official body number to five.


Many books and movies have been released about the crimes of the killer over the years. Some of these writings investigate the case, while others, including Gary L. Gray. Stewart's The Most Dangerous Animal of All, such as Purport to Fix It. Officially, however, the identity of the killer is unknown.

5. Stoneman

Stoneman is the name given to a famous serial killer by the leading English-language print media in Calcutta, India, who killed at least 13 homeless people in that city during his sleep in 1989. The name is also given for perimeter. There were similar killings in Bombay from 1985 to 1988. These are the works of the same person responsible for 26 murders.

Stoneman was convicted of thirteen murders for six months (the first one in June 1989), but no crimes were committed.

Calcutta Police was unable to solve this Mystery. All thirteen cases remain Unsolved.