Unsolved mystery that very few people know about

2020-06-09 13:20:36 Written by Nimra Noor

The Mystery

This is the atypical case of “Peter Bergmann” - the man who came to Ireland to disappear, most effective to come to be the source of hypothesis each nationally and internationally.



In 2009, a man the use of the alias of “Peter Bergmann” arrived on the seaside city of Sligo, Co. Sligo, Ireland. When he arrived at Sligo Station, he carried a black shoulder bag and a wellknown carry-on- bags bag.





On the 12th of June, 2009

Peter checked into the Sligo City Hotel. Hotel workers and other guests defined him as talking with a heavy German accent. He checked in with an deal with of Ainstettersn 15, 4472, Vienna, Austria.


During his live at the hotel, he became determined on CCTV wearing a purple bag full of personal results.


When he again came to the hotel after a long walk, he nonetheless carried the pink bag, but it changed into definitely empty. When seeking to music down his effects, government had been not able to discover in which they were placed, though it became suspected that he had dropped it in some of places in the course of the metropolis.


His moves had been so meticulously deliberate that he became able to use the blindspots of surveillance cameras to his advantage - he in no way wanted to be identified.


On the 13th of June

He entered the General Post Office and purchased 8 82-cent stamps & airmail stickers.


On the 14th of June

He were given right into a taxi and asked to be added to a pleasant quiet seashore that he may want to swim in. The taxi driver stated that Rossess Point might be the pleasant location and drove Peter there. Same taxi driver dropped Peter back at the bus station.




On the 15th of June

Peter looked at of his lodge and passed again in his key. He left with a black shoulder bag, a crimson plastic bag, and a exclusive black luggage bag.


He did not have the same luggage bag that he had arrived into Sligo with.


He walked to the bus station thru Quay Street, Wine Street, and stopped on the Quayside Shopping Centre where he stood awkwardly inside the door for a few minutes.




Eventually, at 1:16 PM

Peter left the shopping centre and made his manner to Sligo Bus Station, nevertheless carrying all 3 bags.


At 1:38 PM

Peter ordered a cappuccino and a ham and cheese toasted sandwich on the bus station. While seated, he eliminated portions of paper from his pocket which he read. Once he completed reading, he tore the portions of paper up and dumped them in a nearby bin.





He then boarded a bus due for Rossess Point - he become visible by at least 16 human beings as he walked to the beach.


The following morning, sixteenth of June,

Arthur Kinsella and his son Brian, who have been training for a triathlon on Rossess Point, found  the naked frame of “Peter Bergmann”.


Both Arthur & Brian stated the Lord’s Prayer over his body, earlier than notifying Gardaí.





His clothes have been found scattered along the shore.

He carried no shape of identification, money, or wallet.

The purpose of death turned into ruled as drowning and pathologists discovered no motive to suspect foul play.

The deal with he gave in Austria became out to be a vacant lot.

Though he was well-groomed, his frame confirmed excessive fitness issues: he was missing a kidney, he confirmed advanced symptoms of most cancers in his prostate and bone tumours. His heart confirmed signs and symptoms of previous coronary heart attacks.

Despite all of this, his toxicology document confirmed no medicine in his device and might probably had been in a variety of pain.

In life, he took so many steps to remain completely anonymous. He meticulously planned his actions so that his personal effects couldn’t be observed. He checked in under false names and fake addresses. He did the entirety he may want to to now not be identified.


And yet, because of all of this, he has remained the supply of a lot speculation for over a decade now.


Five months later in 2009, when Gardaí finished their investigation, his frame became buried in Sligo and turned into attended by simplest 4 Gardaí.