Types of Aliens

2020-06-13 15:38:38 Written by Nimra Noor

Types of Space Creatures


By the way, so far we have not found any evidence of the existence of space creatures (aliens), but when it comes to science fiction, hundreds of species of space creatures have been described, not dozens. The 10 most popular of these space creatures are listed below:


 Gray Aliens




 They are called "gray aliens" and this type of space creature is 3 to 4 feet tall but have a much larger head than a human. They also have nostrils but no nose on their faces. Their hands are much longer than the rest of the body, while in terms of temperament they are considered "riotous". Believers in space creatures claim that kidnapping humans and making them "disappear" for some time and abusing humans is a special habit of these gray space creatures.


 Little Green Man




 It is the second most popular type of space creature, with a short stature and green fur. But this space creature is bald and has no hair on its body. However, like insects, they do have antennae on their heads. Like gray space creatures, the heads of little green men are said to be much larger than human heads.


 Northern European Space Creatures




 This type of space creature is also called "Nordic Aliens" because of its long blonde hair and whitish complexion that makes it look like a human of Northern European descent. This space creature bears a striking resemblance to humans, but its face is slightly oblong and its eyes are blue. The matter of this space creature is said to have an extraordinary attraction to even humans.


 Plymouth Space Creatures




 The tall, round-faced, and beautiful-looking "Plymouth space creature" is described in science fiction as very gentle, humane, and peace-loving. By the way, they do not have hair on their heads, but if they do, their color is golden, that's why they are more beautiful.


 Andromedan Space Creatures




 These space creatures are so similar to humans that it is very difficult to distinguish between them and humans. However, the upper part of their seventh face (brain) is shown to be slightly larger than that of humans. This space creature specializes in telepathy and can read human thinking very easily. It is thought to be related to a star in a solar system from our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda.


 Aerospace Creatures




 This type of space creature is called "reptile aliens" meaning it bears resemblance to humans as well as frogs and lizards. They are tall, but it looks like a frog has grown up and is standing on two legs. Because, first of all, their skull is like a frog, while between their toes there are also frog-like membranes. For this reason, they are also shown as the best swimmers and divers who descend into the depths of the ocean without using oxygen cylinders.


 Alpha Draconian Space Creatures




 It is said to be the most dangerous, anti-peace and riotous type of space creature. They contain all the evils that have been imagined for human beings. With a grim face, 14 to 22 feet tall and weighing 1800 or more, it is also the most ruthless and cruel type of space creature. It also considers itself the most superior creature in the universe, while man is extremely despised in its eyes. Therefore, "Alpha Draconians" also consider themselves the ruler of all creatures.


 Syriac Space Creatures




 In the night sky, a very bright star is visible from the earth, which is called "Sirius". These are actually two stars that we see as one star. Syriac space creatures are said to belong to a planet orbiting one of them (Cyrus B). Although it resembles humans in its appearance, the Syriac space creatures have bluish tattoos on their faces, while science fiction films portray them as space creatures living in the depths of oceans and lakes. Is done. That is, it cannot breathe in the open air like a fish and must stay in the water.


 Anunnaki Space Creatures




 Believers in the existence of space creatures say that the "Anunnaki" deity worshiped in ancient Sumerian civilization is actually a space creature that has been on Earth for thousands of years, with the aim of inhabiting humans. To be enslaved. This space creature is said to be 8 to 9 feet tall and looks like a giant human. It is also said that the "Anonaki" space creatures belong to the outermost planet of our solar system, Nibiru, which has not yet been discovered.


 Archaeological Space Creatures




 According to science fiction, this is the oldest, most experienced and most intelligent space creature in our Milky Way galaxy. It is usually 4 to 5 feet tall and has a much larger head than the rest of the body and the skin is bluish in color. Physically, they are very flawless and there is no balance in the size of their hands and feet. However, in their temperament they can be mischievous as well as peaceful.