Most Mysterious Dolls in History

2020-06-13 21:43:24 Written by Nimra Noor

During the journey of knowledge and awareness, man in his struggle from caves to space revealed many mysteries and unveiled the secrets of this universe. By the power of his senses he examined objects by the test of reason and established a conclusion which in later times was further reflected by thought and research and such results are prevalent today in one field or another as a rule and method. But there is also a metaphysical world far beyond this solid (physical) world where all this knowledge, technology and intellect remains silent.


 This world is a wonder. There are cases where the mind is stunned. Where neither our conscience nor our intellect can be used to test these events. Extraordinary events can surprise and frighten a person. Their psychological effects also vary from person to person.


 Even in the 21st century, in spite of all the scientific advances, it is probably impossible to understand the mysteries of this worldÛ”


 The supernatural world, pervading the vast mysteries of this vast universe, makes its presence felt, but it cannot be explained by any scientific principle or theory.


 It is human nature to see a horrible and frightening picture or an ugly and frightening doll at the first sight it feels a tingling sensation in its spine and no one can name this fear. Nor can it often be avoided by mere illusions .It's just like when people get upset all of a sudden it gets dark. On the other hand, some people pass through the graveyard at night and feel a strange mystery and their heart melts when they see a clown in front of them.


 There's something weird about all of them, and it's our favorite, traditional toy doll, with its lifeless, staring eyes, waxy smile, facial expressions, silent eyelids, and Sometimes the eyes, which blink repeatedly when moving in a certain way or due to the battery, naturally look strange. But still, she remains our best friend in playtime.


 But the doll we are talking about is such that no one would want to keep it in their house, let alone play with it. When you know that these dolls are actually under the influence of demonic and demonic forces and that anyone who interferes with their work can be killed, can you or anyone with understanding be attached to them or Will he let himself and his children play with it?


 Man is by nature curious. He wants to discover such mysterious things, to know about them, but he is also afraid of them. Dolls that symbolize such fear and terror have been permanently shut down in museum or temple glass cases with special spells and splashes of holy water so that their mysterious demonic powers cannot harm humans.


Robert Doll


 Even today, these dolls are considered to be one of the most haunted things in the world and the doll that is considered to be the most frightening symbol among them is the Robert doll. It is preserved in a museum, but before she arrived here, she was Otto's beloved companion, given to her as a gift by her grandfather as a child, but then mysterious events began to take place in her house, room glasses breakage became the norm. Things were moving from place to place.


 It was all happening by itself. No one in the house was accepting responsibility. Everyone was shocked and scared. One day, Otto passed away. The doll also came in control of the person who bought the house after his death. He often saw the doll moving from place to place. At the same time, financial catastrophe, car accident, successive losses shocked the landlord. The guests who came home also heard a mysterious laugh and footsteps and they became frightened.


 Landlord then handed the mysterious doll over to a Florida museum. The doll arrived at the museum in 1994.


 But after visiting the museum, many mysterious events were reported. It was later recognized that the doll not only moved from its place, but could also move facial expressions and neck. The Florida museum is called the East Martello Museum, where the doll is named after Robert Doll. It was owned by an artist and writer named Robert Eugene Otto. There have been a number of incidents since the doll's arrival at the museum, including frequent burns or breakdowns of electronic devices, or tourists having difficulty painting the doll without permission, and there have been a number of accidents in which lives have been lost.


Herald Doll


 After Robert, the Herald doll is also considered a symbol of fear and terror. This is the first doll to be sold on eBay.


 It is said to have belonged to a small child whose family witnessed the doll's mysterious movements after his death. Often in the middle of the night she would scream and cry or run. When contacted, the priests confirmed that the doll had some magical powers and would continue to do so.


 Frightened, the family of the deceased child sold the doll at the Quint Town market in Florida. Many people bought it one after the other, but everyone said that after buying this doll, many mysterious events came to light, such as hearing soft sounds, constant slow movements, and a change in the expression on her face as soon as one saw it. All this was enough to frighten any ordinary person.


 In addition, when she went to the room where she was present, she would feel headache and back pain, while the people of the house would also feel unexplained wounds on her body. Frightened by this, every time the owner sold the doll. The doll reached Anthony through the hands of different people whose job is to confuse supernatural bodies, demons and magic. This doll is currently owned by him.


Mandy Doll


 Mandy, a doll made of porcelain, is also considered a symbol of terror in the world. The doll was donated to the British Columbia Council Museum in 1991. After the doll arrived, the staff noticed that some strange things were happening in the museum. Considering that Mandy is constantly knocking on her glass if she is placed with another doll or toy case. Not only that, many times the staff food would disappear, the lights would be turned off again and again, but this did not happen when it was placed in a separate display case. It is known that most of the tourist cameras fail when photographing this doll.


 The doll was owned by a woman, who said the reason she donated it to the Council Museum was that the doll suddenly started crying at night. It was a very scary and scary thing for this woman. He was relieved to have the doll handed over to the museum. This doll is still kept in this museum.


Doll Island


 Also, in North America, there is not a doll with mysterious powers and terror, but an entire island. It is known as the Doll Island in the southern Mexican canal system.


 There are hundreds of rotten dolls hanging from the trees, amputated limbs or blinded eyes that make the island frightening and terrifying. The story behind it is that a little girl mysteriously drowned in a pond here. According to various legends and traditions, the owner of the island found an old floating doll which he hung from a tree to please the girl's soul. After a few days, people noticed that the doll shook hands with them or said something with its mouth and it spread like wildfire.


 Everyone became frightened and the island became a mystery. Dawn, the owner of the island, on the other hand, felt that some supernatural force was asking him to bring more dolls, and over time he brought the dolls and hung them up. It may have been a drama created by Dawn or his mental state has deteriorated and he may have lied to everyone and brought a doll to satisfy himself, but the strange and very mysterious thing is that in 2001 Dawn did the same. The place where the girl drowned died.


 The incident took the life of a girl and the story of a doll. And made the island even more mysterious. Now most of the visitors here hear the whispers of these dolls and say that only brave tourists can step on this piece of land.


Okiku Doll


 Okiku is also a demon-possessed demon with mysterious powers that is believed to have the shadow of a girl's soul on it.


 The doll was bought by a Japanese boy for his three-year-old sister Keiko. But after this death, strange things started happening in the house. To everyone's surprise, the doll's hair grew longer. It was scary. So in 1938 the family gave it to the monks of the temple and it has been living in the Manji Temple in Hokkaido, Japan ever since.


 Tourists come here but they are not allowed to take pictures. When Okiku's hair begins to reach her elbows, the monks cut the doll's hair. According to the monks, the doll itself signals them to cut their hair in a dream.


 If you go to Google and type the names of these dolls, you can not only see their pictures but also get more information about them. If you are not afraid and are not afraid of any such evil cycle or are not afraid of strange and supernatural powers, then you must do it.