Mystery of Green Children

2020-06-14 15:01:10 Written by Nimra Noor


This story is from the twelfth century. But historians have kept it alive forever. There is speculation about this. Wolpit is a British town, It was a clean area at the time. People used to farm or do other things. Life was not mechanical and fast. Everyone knew each other and shared each other's pain. This incident is from the same town. One morning as people were leaving their homes for work, they saw two children. They were about eleven or twelve years old.

Green Children

 There was a boy and a girl. The similarities between the two were indicating that they were brothers and sisters. The two were hugging each other and crying like children who are separated from their parents.


 There was nothing special about it. What was special was that their skin was very dark green. As if the whole body has been painted dark green. That was a wonderful thing.

Unknown Language

 Dark green skin was a strange thing. Soon everyone in the town heard about it. The whole town gathered there to see the two of them. When these children were spoken to, it was revealed that they did not know English. They were speaking a language that was beyond the comprehension of the town's people. They were looking at the people of the town with innocent eyes and were crying, the people of the town were very sorry for them. They didn't know who these poor children were, where did they come from?

Gift of God


 When People asked them to eat, they refused to eat anything. On this occasion, the pastor of the local church said to the people of the town, "Look, it seems to me that these two children have come from another planet. Think of them as a gift from God. Appreciate them, take care of them and know that God is pleased with us that is why He has chosen our town for their upbringing. ”


 A house in the town was reserved for the two at the same time. The two were taken there and some men and women in the town now took on the responsibility of raising the children.



 One problem was that they both refused to eat whatever was given to them. Of course, their diet could have been different.


 But what it was, the town's people did not understand. When a woman placed a glass of milk in front of the children, they drank the milk. An issue was resolved. The second problem was how to talk to them. Because what they said was not understood by the town's people and what the town's people said passed through the heads of these children. Eventually, a man from the town took on the responsibility of teaching them English. Because the children were a little older, teaching them a new language was a difficult step. Despite this, the man did not give up and continued to teach them both English. Five years had passed.


 In those five years, the town's people accepted them as their own child. They could come and go in every house in the town.


 They were both very beautiful and the town's people thought they were brothers and sisters. That's what they said after learning English.

World of Darkness


 They described themselves as belonging to a land beneath the earth and called the world of darkness. Sunlight does not pass through there, that's why their skin is so dark. They also said that they had left home to play and did not know how they got here.


 There are different theories about the lives of these two children.

 Some say that the two children suddenly disappeared one day.

 Some people think that both children were space creatures.

 According to a theory, the boy died in the village but the girl remained there. A few days later, someone bought her and never returned.


 In 1934, an English author wrote a book on green children. In addition, poetry can be read about these two children and a film has also been made. No one knows the truth.

Mysterious World

 Don't know how the secrets are hidden here. How many people are around us. Mysterious people for whom nothing can be said about who they are. And what is their life?


 To be sure, there are still countless mysteries beyond the reach of the human mind.