Top 5 Movies on Serial Killer's Stories

2020-06-14 22:12:01 Written by Nimra Noor

The serial killers and their stories are interesting to read. There are countless serial killers in history and they lived a life full of adventures.

Filmmakersare also interested in their stories. Here is a list of top 5 movies on true stories of famous serial killers.

Movie: Zodiac

 Year: 2007

 Imdb Rating: 7.7


 A serial killer known as "Zodiac" in the United States in the 60's and 70's After the assassination, Zodiac kept sending his message in code to a newspaper agency for decoding. After decoding the killer's letter, many people were caught on suspicion. But no one was killer. It was a case that made the police dance. And to this day, the mystery of this case has not been solved. Even today it is a mystery as to what caused the murders and who was the killer.


 This film has also been filmed on this case study. The director of the film is David Fincher who directed a great movie like Seven. And the film depicts the 1960s with such pomp that it doesn't look like the film was released in 2007.


 Movie: The Deliberate Stranger

 Imdb Rating: 7.4

 Year: 1986


 The film, based on the famous American serial killer Ted Bundy, is also a super hit movie. The world knows Ted Bundy as Lady Keller who was a handsome person. Harmon's appearance is strikingly similar to that of Ted Bundy. The film consists of two parts. The film chronicles the serial color life from childhood to adolescence.


 Movie: From Hell

 Imdb Rating: 6.8

 Year: 2001


 Countless movies have been made on the world's most famous serial killer Jack the Ripper, but the most famous of them was the 2001 film From the Hell.

 Hughes Brother's film depicts a police officer trying to stop Jack the Ripper. The main character in the film is played by Johnny Depp. The story of the film begins with the murder of prostitutes. It is estimated that the killer is an educated person because he chooses the methods of killing intelligently.

 That's how the story goes.


 TV Mini Series: Dark Angel

 Imdb Rating: 6.8

 Year: 2016


Dark Angel is a mini TV series based on story of England First Woman Serial Killer,Marry Ann Cotton. The series script was taken from novel Dark Angel.

 In this series, the role of Mary ann Cotton is described in a slightly different way from reality. The reasons for all her murders and the full story of her unhappy marriage life is told. This drama telecasted in English. There was a lot of criticism but it was also very popular.


 Movie: To Catch A Killer

 Imdb Rating: 7.4

 Year: 1992


 Catch a Killer is one of the most popular films about the life of John Van Gracy, the killer of 33 people.

 The story of this film begins with the disappearance of a boy whose investigator suspects detective businessman John Wayne gracy but is unable to arrest him due to lack of evidence. Movie Ends on arrest of serial killer.